Friday, March 29, 2013



I keep hearing the words Fair Share, and have come to the conclusion most who use this term have no idea what they are talking about.

For some reason, this term has been used as a political object, but when you analyze the use of the term the answer is utterly amusing. If I may be bold enough, here are a few examples.

1.              FAIR to me means: “It is just to ALL parties, equitable and consistent with logic and being direct and to the point. The key word, “all” speaks volumes.

2.              SHARE: Means to take a part, or, more to the point, participate in a portion of the whole.

3.              A Fair Share would amount to everyone’s participation in the whole and, therefore, guide to  what an equitable amount would be.

4.              Participation in the whole is unique in theory because that would suggest everyone would experience a collective collaboration to assist and help each other.

When my grandfather was a young man, he agreed to rent a farm that happened to have a house on the property. He had no job or money, so in lieu of paying rent or buying the property, he agreed to run the farm, sell the crops and share the earning with the landlord. In short my grandfather became a sharecropper.

So what is a Fair Share? Children need a fair share with love, time, teaching, hugging and preparing them for adulthood. This is expected of parents, so that's a fair share, right?

Where does the experience young workers starting out come from? How about we create a fair share department to educate those who need to learn, launch the business doors and welcome new blood in, even those who need a little more time to develop their skills?

What about the young woman growing up in a man’s world? Isn't the female work force entitled to their fair share of salaries paid? What if she’s better than her male counterpart, wouldn’t that make her a candidate for receiving a larger share of the fair share earnings pool?

Young filmmakers, in a business I love and work intensely to keep current, have to learn by trial and error almost every new concept we put on film. Most of us start at the bottom.
At times, we are so far to the right or left we feel as though we’re standing in the alley searching for the door to the world so we can enter. The odd part of the film industry is, you work, learn, have co-workers who give their share of knowledge and therefore you develop, take chances, have a support team behind you and end up earning your fair share of the standard normal. The standard expected is unique in the entertainment industry because you realize what is normal for you and then find a comfort zone of which allows you to share your knowledge with others.

In the real world, you know, the one we live in daily? We raise our children to honor and respect others. We tell them to trust, behave, listen, and love one another. We ask them to share their toys with siblings, and clothes when outgrown. We learn to share books, rides, and instructions. We help fellow students to excel, and we love competition. We learn all of this early on in life, and then we grow up, and nothing is the same. Why? Have you ever asked yourself why we have to grow up and leave all that fun behind? It’s because the fair share slowly slips from our fingers.

Evaluating the Fair Share concept, someone is at fault. Whom do we blame for having to grow up and face reality? Whose fault is it life gets so complicated? We can blame mom, and dad, or grandpa and grandma, but it’s not actually their fault. We can blame the bosses of the world, but in reality they work for someone just like we do. So whom do we blame?

Politicians! It's their fault, isn't it? I mean, they make the laws and then they break them. They spout the truth one moment, you know, the reality we want to hear? Then they turn around and do the real truth, what we don’t want to hear. Regardless of party or alliance, with or without religious belief, with or without sexual orientation, it has to be their fault. We’re on an endless road going nowhere, unless, of course, we get hold of what a Fair Share means and then actually live by it. The politicians, who, by the way, work for us, do not honor or participate in the Fair Share mandate. They exclude themselves from conventional insurance and vote to give themselves a lifetime retirement fund, and I don’t know anyone who has ever been asked if that is okay. I think they should participate in the fair share program. Right now we have a bunch of people who like to argue and solve nothing. That’s not giving us a Fair Share of running the government we hired them to do.

We need to create a Fair Share that will benefit All of us, not just a few. It doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out if everyone paid something on a sliding scale, it would trigger an enormous amount of money that currently doesn’t exist.

I love the country I live in and have never complained when tax time comes, and I must pay my share in taxes. That’s not to say I haven’t used deductions, but there always seems to be an number I owe at the end of the day. I believe we all owe our country something. We owe because life here is exceptional and therefore I came up with a creative idea of what a Fair Share should be.

First, every taxpayer should pay something? Not maybe, but a minimal amount and let’s just call it an trade for the privilege of living in the country. What if the country was a large farm and like my grandpa, all of us were the farmers? What if we paid a fee to maintain the country, the freedom to travel and experience our daily lives? Wouldn’t that amount to a Fair Share?

I know quite a few wealthy people. Some pay taxes and some have never paid a dime. The funny part of saying that is, I know many others who aren’t wealthy but do the same thing in paying no taxes. These people, all of them collectively who pay nothing, owe their Fair Share.

Remember, fair means all, share is to provide or pay a portion. At the end of each year, every single adult should pay something, right?  I know there is an argument that slides up the ladder of logic, and I can hear them screaming that some can’t afford to pay a dime. I don’t agree with that either. I believe in my heart everyone should and can pay something for the privilege of living here.

So you start this so called Fair Share Mandate, why can’t we start with say Three Dollars ($3) a month as a first tear on the sliding schedule. Everyone can afford $3. I mean that's only $36. a year for an unbelievable privilege. Doesn't that sound, right? From there, a sliding scale would be created, $5 for some, $10 a month for others and so on. Every dollar levied and collected would be based on gross income solely, before any deductions whatsoever. The more you earn, the more you pay up to a point. This would go for corporations to, and all companies with offices or headquarters in this country. A set minimum would equal a fair share from everyone regardless of how much they make.

This would have nothing to do with deductions or other safety nets we all have and enjoy, this has to do with the crops (or freedom if you will) that we enjoy throughout the year and the rent that’s required for using them. It is for the privilege of living here, but as it is most don't pay for it. Oh wait, yes the actual taxpayers who pay taxes do pay for our privileges, all of us. Sadly those who pay nothing end up with the same gifts as those who pay for them. That’s not a fair share.

The wealthy can’t pay for everything. That’s not fair either. Those who aren’t wealthy, but have the desire to become wealthy, need to keep their dream alive, but like anything else in life that privilege should have a minimum fee so the Fair Share would be paid by everyone.

There are a lot of extremely well educated people who could figure out the exact numbers, so no one in particular gets hurt. If everyone paid something the national debt would melt away, and our freedoms  improve immensely. If every tax return ended with this minimum fee, I believe all of us would feel as though we did our part, however, small it might be.

I hear politicians from all parties talking about how they speak for everyone, but that’s not true. They speak for a handful, and that’s a long way from all of us and it’s not just.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to pay higher taxes either, but there is a reason we all need to participate in the wellbeing of our country. Every country needs this wisdom. What’s the old saying, “There are no free rides.” Well guess again. Last time I read a study, it stated over half of everyone living here paid nothing and to me that’s a free ride.

We will end up with a flat tax eventually, but that is probably miles down the road and around the bend. Wouldn’t it make sense to set up a minimum tax, so all paid their fair share? Come on, $3 bucks a month is affordable, it is. It’s one less pack of cigarettes or giving up a coke or a few cups of coffee. It’s doable.

Until the day comes when we actually elect people who can think for all of us by doing the right thing for all of us, something needs to be done now. When I look at the list of stupid things the government spends our money on, it makes me sick. Shame on us for allowing someone to do this and say it’s on our behalf. Shame on us for not speaking up and demanding the fair share should be for everyone.

At times, we are like the blind leading the blind, and we accept whatever is said to be the truth. Participating in a Fair Share program would eliminate cheaters, would stop those taking a free ride at our expense and force the responsibility of everyone to participate in keeping the country sound and maybe to get us out of debt. It doesn’t take a financial genius to figure out if everyone paid something, it would create a substantial amount of money. A resource that currently doesn’t exist. With a constant and continuous stream of expected revenue, it would improve our lives. More importantly, this would be a fantastic thing for all of us when the constant flow of new revenue reduced the national debt. I’m just saying … a fair share should be fair.