Thursday, June 12, 2014

From the Second Floor #1


Every other week I hope to create a new blog from the Second Floor. I hope to cover making movies, growing up, finance, acting, writing tips, and a bunch of stuff I have opinions on.

Today let’s talk about our country. Not politics – just the whole country.

It’s amazing how different things look when you can step away and watch from above where no one questions you or your decisions.

When you glance down giving the “all” an overview, you can’t stop from wondering when it happened and if we know it actually took place.

Of course, there are good and bad moments. You see them all. You hear good and bad as well, most of which are opinions and not worth repeating.

A simple walk down the sidewalk, any sidewalk will do. You share a smile with someone you don’t know and see the electricity, sparks, humor and excitement come to life.

When it rains, the earth receives a cleansing. That by itself is no big deal most think, but surprise its a huge deal. Flowers spruce up, trees sparkle, and lawns perk up and even change colors. Sidewalks get a bath, roadways are cleaned of debris and the earth receives renewed energy.

The most striking part is the people. Watching from above is truly amazing. The habits we fall into, the daily routines that create the mundane, and the trust given to total strangers who make the decisions which directly impact our daily lives. No one seems to care much about that. In fact, no one pays much attention to it at all until something dastardly happens. The daily life routine keeps the mind busy and away from thinking about problems that could directly change our personal lives.

Politics is fun to talk about, banter over and even argue about – but let’s not spoil this moment with such silliness. Politics is boring. Few agree about anything so let’s just look at things as they are.

I like to listen to kids talk. No, not eavesdrop or hear private moments. What I thoroughly enjoy hearing is how little they actually know about the important things and how much they know about trivial happenings. I’m not sure who is teaching our youth, but many are brain dead. By that, I mean very smart about songs and lyrics or what actor danced, sang a song or bite into someone’s throat, but don’t want to clutter the mind or use storage space to retain important dates, people, leaders or decisions. They have no idea who is running their country, but if he or she is handsome, that’s another story. If a personality is what kids call eye candy they might remember their name. It’s a bit scary.

I remember one of my teachers blabbing about such nonsense as the past. Countries that ignored what their leaders where doing and ended up collapsing. Say what? Leaders? Who were they? What do you mean they collapsed? I believe he said something about “ALL” great democracies committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. I remember thinking that’s dumb. No, it’s ridiculous. This is America. This is a free country that helps little ones survive. I laughed much like the kids do about important issues today.

Moving further on with my academics, I remember doing a little research. Few know the answer to this question, but what the heck I’ll throw it out anyway. When did the United States of America officially become a republic? Say what? What the hell is a republic? I asked my kids. They didn’t know. Well, not really or completely could explain the simple right answer. I asked the neighbor’s kids. They didn’t know either. I asked the clerk at the store, nope.

We have new two neighbors, one from Asia and one from Mexico. I decided to ask their children. Yep. They both knew the answer. What I heard was a republic is a country with representative government. Wow. What does that mean? I went back to the kids. Nope, no one had a clue.

I got concerned. Time to do more research.

How old was America? That question was easier. July 4th or something like Independence Day, you know Columbus and fireworks? Some guessed while other knew it was 1776. Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out America is 238 years old. Suicide? Why would a country commit suicide when everything is running smoothly? It is running smoothly, isn’t it?

Okay, so things aren’t quite smooth, but we’re close aren’t we? Does close count? I mean, come on, this could get serious. Would anyone care? How many kids would think about this long enough to have sweaty palms? Probably not many.

More research and then I took a look at the fall of the Roman Empire. That’s a good example, right? Ask the kids. Okay, never mind. They don’t know. What about Greece, or some Middle Eastern country? What about Russian or China? Is anyone listening to this? Does anyone care? Not really. This is dull stuff. Where are the rock stars? Who’s acting in the next great blockbuster movie full of action? Who are the most handsome guys and sexy women around? Everyone knows the name of the good-looking quarterback or that dashing 7-foot guy who plays basketball don’t they? I mean who won American Idol or The Voice? Okay, back to research. Knowing this is dangerous and even if it’s just for me, it’s still worth looking at. No one cares I know. No one is listening, I know that too. And that makes me wonder if anyone will read this?

I just wanted to know the reason for the suicide. In a democracy where voters can vote for anyone – most don’t take the time to pick the best person – they choose based on good looks, witty personality, along party lines or the person’s sense of humor. I promised not to get political and I won’t. It’s not based on any party lines. The voters did it to themselves. They figured if they could vote for more money from the treasury that was the answer. So they found people who would give them more money and voted for them. Which party has nothing to do with it.

Free stuff is cool. Getting more free stuff could be even cooler. Until the free stuff cost more than the treasury has or can print. Oops. Hey, it can happen. Once the people getting free stuff outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff insurmountable problems happen. The money flow stops, the free stuff stays in boxes because there are no trucks to haul it around and no way to pay for the gas or drivers to distribute it. This spells failure and the overwhelming size of the failure creates thought lines of suicide. The republic can’t stand, can’t afford and, therefore, dies. Oh no. This isn’t good.

Looking back on history, just about every country that went bottoms up drifted thorough similar ordeals before they collapsed.

Now I’m not a doomsday nut case. I’m just saying when our youth lives carefreely and expect a free ride they will grow up into adults with the same mindset. Free is good until it’s all gone.

Is it too late, of course not? We just have to stop with all the free stuff and start charging for it Many people will most likely get angry and will throw a fit when you take their free toys away, but like children or pets, they will get over it. Honestly, they will learn to deal and soon make things better for themselves.
So, taking it all into consideration our country needs an adjustment. It’s not a huge deal it’s called tweaking. Engines run better after a mechanic fixes them, writers write to get better, actors do plays to hone their talent, singers sing often to keep the vocal cords alive and well and doctors take care of the sick so they can get better. The nation, our republic, is ill and is in need of medication. The medicine is, like any good parent, to put their foot down. If you want to lose weight, you have only two choices, diet or eat less. Both might work but eating less is the only positive that will work.

As voters, the next time we make a choice – do it right. Forget party lines. Chose the right person, the one who has your interest at heart. If he or she isn’t eye candy – so what? Do they care about you? If the answer is yes then, that’s your person.

Gosh, that was fun. We should do this again.

Smile richly, enjoy the life you’ve been given and share a hug often.
William Byron Hillman © 2014
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