Friday, June 27, 2014



It’s in the news.

Which one? I mean a few years ago news was just that, news. Everyone covered the stories that we, the public, heard, read and talked about. It was fun and created banter, compassion and curiosity. We loved to hear or read information from many sources in many different venues. Some had unique twists on their stories, some reported only the good stuff, but all reported about the stuff.

Ah, but what is important?

Sadly what is important to us is now a mixed bag. I thought this was behind us. I thought, perhaps wishful thinking on my behalf, but still I wished and thought we were on the road of recovery. We were about to find a way finally to get along. I was wrong.

If you happen to be or think you are a Democrat you watch MSNBC, CNN and a few other outlets that lean in one direction. You hear what they say and believe it. It must be the truth because they are reporting it. They don’t offer two sides, only one. The one offered is theirs. You know, it’s the one they say is the only way.

If you happen to be or think, you are a Republican you listen to Fox News or conservative radio and a few outlets that lean in the entirely different direction as those listed. It must be the truth because they said it was, and we are supposed to trust them. Even when they offer two sides, one side is pushed a little harder than the other. They too say it’s the only way and fight tooth and nail to prove it.

If you happen to be or think, you are an Independent – you plan to show both sides, they are wrong, and you have it all together. You can watch all the news outlets, read all the newspapers and listen to all the radio shows because you form your own opinions and come hell or high water your opinion is what makes the world turn. You may even be a bit confused, but that’s a good thing if you have an open mind.

Now there are other opinions out there that differ from some of the above. If you are White, you may have limited vision and maybe a different outlook but then again maybe you don’t have those views at all. Confusing. If you are Black you too have strong opinions that may or may not agree with any of the above. Even when hurt deeply with promises, you stand tall waiting to be proven right for making the wrong decision. Stepping back further, if you are Hispanic, Oriental, Middle Eastern, or European you too have expectations that may or may not have been lived up to. The news has numbers, percentages, and we believe it because it must be the truth coming from reliable news sources.

In short, the story may go as far as to say someone owes you. Another "News" source believes all of what you have will soon be taken away based on ideas they created just for their audience. Some news talks about traditional issues and others lean on liberal stories. What if they’re both wrong?

The news. We see and hear it, but what are we hearing? We only hear what they want us to hear or see. They don’t talk about real issues because real doesn’t build an audience, doesn’t sell papers or magazines, and no one wants to acknowledge real because they have plenty of that stuff at home.

Looking down from the second floor I see all these potential disagreements and wonder if we all heard the same thing like we used to do – would we create our own interpretation of the issues at hand? Would that help us get along or make definite decisions? I’d like to think so.

In reality, we no long have “The News” and can no longer say I heard it on the news.

Ask yourself – do you believe what you hear? Is it the truth? Would anyone say anything if what you heard or read was based on a lie? Would we know it was a lie? We believed, as grownups should that if we heard or read it from a news source it must be the truth. Today there are so many liars in the news media you can’t tell the truth from fiction.

There is a reason newspaper are dying off. They only report what they think you want to know about and of course skip over all the exciting stuff. This missing “stuff” is what we want, but keep hearing that’s not what you want – you want this – “our” slant on things.

Like you, I am tired of being told what I want without anyone asking what that might be. I’m tired to being told this is what you need, or this is how it should be, or worse, this is how it’s going to be from now on whether you like it or not.

I watch the news promoting things or products that aren’t what they said they were.

The “real” news guys, men and women, are gone. What today's news represents is a one-sided editorial staff representing nothing more than a bunch of followers trying to convince us we should follow along behind them.

They report how bad people coming into the country are financially and that we should support them as humanitarians. I travel around our country and see an awful lot of people in trouble, in need of help, but I guess the news don’t talk about the poor Blacks, Whites or Hispanics because they live in America where we don’t have such things. I guess we are to believe everyone who lives in our country is just dandy and those coming into the country need help, money and attention. I’d like to read or hear the news telling us the truth. Some of our own people are in need of more help than those coming in, and our people should come first not last. But that is not news. It might even border on depressing.

I come from the old school. If it’s news, report it. Tell us like it is and tell us the truth. If something is a wrong report it. If people are hungry, starving or living in poverty report that too. The news should report the news – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I’m sick of one-sided news. I don’t care which side it is reporting. They need to get together and start telling it like it is. Stop the fluff from all sides. Stop reporting only how you see things. Report the whole and let us form our own opinions.

As my grandfather taught me, love thy neighbor. Smile to those in need, help with an open heart, share or offer assistance when possible and never meet another human being you don’t like because of news reports that say you probably do. What we hear on the news is not how it is at all. If we learn to work together, help one another, love thy neighbors as you would your own family we could share feelings and emotions. Regardless of where you are from or what your heritage may be we still have a chance to reach across the virtual bridge and accept all for who they are. None of us begins life angry. We do not have a choice in what our skin color is, and regardless of who told us what we are all very much alike. It’s the news that is telling us we’re not and that we’ll never get along. I say hogwash. Bring back the real “news” so we all know the truth of how things are.

William Byron Hillman © 2014
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